April 30, 2008

I realize this is slightly in the same vein as my Old Bay post, but I just bought my plane tickets home for Memorial Day weekend, and I’m already so excited, I can’t even handle it.  Why?  This is why:

Crabcake, friends.  Crabcake.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is a certain joy to be had in picking your own crab, it’s one of my favorite things to do on earth – but there is nothing like a crabcake.

I won’t say I’m a crabcake connoisseur, I won’t go that far.  But I do know a good crabcake when I see one.  So, if you trust my opinion, (which you should), if you want a good crabcake, and are ever in the Chesapeake Bay area, head on over to Edgewater Restaurant, on Mayo Road off Route 2.  You won’t be disappointed, I can promise you that right now.  (If this was a few years ago, I would have said go to Stoney’s, but they’ve gone downhill in the past few years – plus, they stole their recipe from Tony’s.  It’s just a fact.)

Anyway, less than a month till I’m home and I can enjoy this delicacy.  Plus, you know, all of the other things Calvert County has to offer.  I’m excited.