Prince Caspian

May 21, 2008

It’s no secret that I really love The Chronicles of Narnia.  I started reading the books when I was 9, and they’re the first books I can remember reading and truly loving.  So when they announced a movie version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, I was understandably nervous, because honestly – as fun as those BBC movies are, they are seriously terrible.  But then, December 2005 rolled around, and I headed off to the opening night showing.  And I was ecstatic.  Because they did it right, and the movie was great, and I loved it.  And it made over $740 million worldwide.  Which means: sequel.

Now, there are those people (who don’t know what they’re talking about) who thought this meant The Horse and His Boy.  I knew we were getting Prince Caspian.  I don’t understand why the publishers rearranged the books into chronological order – they don’t make sense when you read them.  Luckily, my copies of the books were bought secondhand, and were published in 1960.  So I have them in publication order (along with a few other changes that Lewis made – some make sense, some do not.)

Prince Caspian came out on Friday, I saw it opening night (again), and I can honestly say that I was thrilled with the movie.  Yes, there were changes, and yes, there were some problems, but as a whole, the movie is not only an excellent adaptation, but a fantastic film.  If you haven’t seen it yet, go.  Here’s a Japanese preview that might give a little too much away – but it’s a great trailer that really showcases how epic the movie is.


More news, more news

March 28, 2008

Jump The Shark

  • Hollywood is racist, no one is surprised. I have to admit, as someone who liked Bringing Down The House (the book, not the ill-conceived Steve Martin/Queen Latifah vehicle), 21 looks vaguely interesting (even if the reviews are mixed). But it’s hard to imagine what this movie would have been marketed as, if they’d insisted on casting true-to-life (like that would actually happen). Probably: Better Luck Tomorrow – with gambling! (Incidentally, another one of the few movies that has a main character named Stephanie.) Sad, but true.

This week has been long, but things have been good. More people like Escape to Chimp Eden, How I Met Your Mother is looking less and less bubble (10.6 million!), and we’ll know the state of Friday Night Lights sometime next week. (Come on, Ben Silverman, after the Family Feud thing I’m not sure how much lower you can go..) That’s all for now. I leave you, with the story of a man raped by a wombat. Or so he claimed.

This weekend (to be more accurate, Thursday through Monday), I watched many things, and I liked all of them.  So, we’ll start at the very beginning.  (A very good place to start.)

Thursday, 8 pmShort Circuit.  A great movie, made even more great by the fact that Ally Sheedy’s character is named Stephanie (something you rarely see in films).  Not to mention the unforgettable quote, “Oh, bull dyke!”

Thursday, 10 pm: Lost.  The return of Michael, something we’ve been waiting a year and a half to see – and it didn’t disappoint.  A good episode right before the five week hiatus, and another example of how Season 4 has been a return to form for the series.  Even if the cliffhanger made me scream out loud.  (It’s just not right!)

Thursday, 11 pm-ish: John Adams, again.  I have nothing to say other than, “South Carolina votes yes.”

Friday, 10 pm: Escape to Chimp Eden.  Jinga gets out of the compound, drama ensues – chimp style.  Are you watching this show yet?  You should be.  We also watched repeats of the show numerous times over the Thursday-Monday period, but it’s just too many times to count.

Saturday, 10 pm-ish: How I Met Your Mother, Season 2.  I think we initially had only planned on Slap Bet, but somehow, we managed to also watch Single Stamina, Lucky Penny, Columns, Showdown, and Atlantic City.  And it was all amazing.

Sunday, 2 am-ish: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  I’d always wanted to see it, and Lizzy gave me the opportunity to.  Two thumbs way up, from me – Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer, together in a film.  Val Kilmer’s character’s name is Gay Perry.  Do I even need to say any more about this movie?  I don’t think I do.  You should want to watch it already.

Monday, 8:30 pm: How I Met Your Mother.  After watching Slap Bet for the second time in two days, it was time for Ten Sessions, or – The Britney Episode.  I have to admit, she was o – wait for it – kay.  At least she was coherent, even if the episode felt like it focused too much on her, and not enough on Sarah Chalke (who stepped into the role after Alicia Silverstone pulled out due to ‘scheduling difficulties’.  Which we all know is just a fancy term for ‘not wanting to be upstaged by Britney’.  It’s too bad, they dropped numerous hints about Stella being the mother, and the two minute tracking shot was a nice return to the old Ted.  Maybe Sarah will return, if she can get time off of Scrubs, which might be hard considering the 18 episode season she starts shooting today for ABC.  Once again, please fire Ben Silverman.)

And finally, Monday, 11 pm: John Adams, episode 3.  John Adams can’t deal with the French, and I wouldn’t be able to either.  The makeup!  Ridiculous.  Laura Linney pulls out another Emmy reel scene, and Paul Giamatti’s wig is once again, amusing.  Next week: Jefferson looks bewildered, and Abigail Adams finds it appealing.  Drama!

And that’s my TV and movie watching for the past 5 days.  I think all this has done was reinforce that I watch too much TV.  Maybe I’ll do something about it.  (I kid, I kid.)