Romeo & Juliet

April 21, 2008

This weekend, I was trying to find a clip from the PBS airing of Swan Lake to show a friend.  I found the clip, but along the way, I also found this. 

You guys, look at them.  Angel’s face!  Alessandra’s smile!  The lift, oh, the lift.  I could watch this for days.


Swan Lake

March 25, 2008

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous production of Swan Lake I’ve ever seen. (Not the best, of course – no one beats Angel as Prince Siegfried.) But the most ridiculous, yes. First, Little Frogs, rather than Little Swans, but notice the échappés and passés they do. On their hands. Ridic!

Then they continue on to the Act II Pas de Deux, and even if they shoehorn some non-Swan Lake music in there, it’s still ridiculous. When she just hovers in attitude en pointe on the dude’s shoulder? It’s almost more amazing than the arabesque en pointe on his head. Friends, I have no more words to say other than: ridiculous. Granted, it is the Great Chinese State Circus, and they aren’t exactly a ballet company, so we’re obviously going not going to get the Petipa choreography, but I applaud their production. Their ridiculous, ridiculous production.