Animal bands.

May 13, 2008

I’ve been on a big music kick lately.  So, I’ve been listening to bands outside of my standard go-tos (Stars, TMSR, LC!, to name a few).  It was only recently, though, that I noticed that the bands I’ve been drawn to lately all have one thing in common: they have animals in their titles.  Examples!

  • Andrew Bird
  • Elefant
  • Foals
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • Grizzly Bear
  • New Buffalo
  • The Redlands Palomino Co.
  • Swan Lake
  • The Unicorns
  • Wolf Parade

And those are just the bands I have on my iPod.  I wholeheartedly recommend all of them, especially Frightened Rabbit, who I got into only recently.  Their most recent album, The Midnight Organ Fight, is my favorite album of the year so far, which says something.  I have one of their songs on my muxtape, so give it a listen.  You’ll be glad you did.


2 Responses to “Animal bands.”

  1. Francesca Says:

    And I’m going to add one more! I bought the Little Mermaid (at least part animal) original broadway soundtrack (which is excellent) on iTunes and I need to give it to you somehow.

    The only retarded part is they made Ursula and Triton brother and sister. Um, she’s an octopus. I don’t get it.

    Best lyric in the show (sung by Flounder about Ariel):

    “She acts like she don’t see me
    She doesn’t even speak
    She treats me like sashimi
    Left over from last week”

  2. step Says:

    Those are the most amazing lyrics ever. EVER.

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