April 23, 2008

Thanks to Lianna, who sent it to me, gave me a theme idea, and really did everything but pick the songs, I now have a muxtape.

 I’m not really sure how, or if, it’s legal, but I’ll make the most out of it before it a) gets taken down, or b) becomes too way too hipster for me.  Although it looks like option b is already all too true for some people.  Either way, I’m enjoying it for now.  It combines everything I love –  music, finding new music, mixes (I love mixes), and to quote Los Campesinos!, trying to find the perfect match between pretentious and pop.  What could be better?  The answer: nothing.


2 Responses to “Muxtape.”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Nice tunes, but…muxtape is not legal by any measure.

    muxtape copied the idea from, they took it’s hugely popular playlist feature, dropped all the video, photos, social networking and *licenses from record labels* and called it muxtape.

    Imeem does everything that muxtape does, but it also has to pay artists for the use of their music, to there’s advertising all over the site.

  2. step Says:

    Eh, that’s what I figured. Still, it’s fun, I’ll probably keep using it until they take it down. Which is pretty much inevitable at this point.

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