To Tide You Over While Step’s Out of Town

April 9, 2008

Cross posted to my blog. Since Step’s in Vienna thought I’d screw with her blog. Heh heh. Now if only I could figure out who hid all of her penguins.

So, I’ve been making this face at Adam Brody pictures ever since he started getting all scruffy. Actually, I probably always made that face, but that’s because I don’t really like him and I hate the O.C. But I kept thinking he looked like someone, and I had the feeling that it was someone I feel fondly toward.


With heavy heart, I realized who he was reminding me of… one of my true loves… Tony Almeida. Well, the actor’s name is Carlos Bernard, but I’m not in love with Carlos.

As we mourn a year without 24, few more pics for comparison…


3 Responses to “To Tide You Over While Step’s Out of Town”

  1. step Says:

    What about my penguins?!

  2. El Says:

    Oh my god, he DOES. Poor, poor Tony.

  3. no! Says:

    no! i love you tony!

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