More news, more news

March 28, 2008

Jump The Shark

  • Hollywood is racist, no one is surprised. I have to admit, as someone who liked Bringing Down The House (the book, not the ill-conceived Steve Martin/Queen Latifah vehicle), 21 looks vaguely interesting (even if the reviews are mixed). But it’s hard to imagine what this movie would have been marketed as, if they’d insisted on casting true-to-life (like that would actually happen). Probably: Better Luck Tomorrow – with gambling! (Incidentally, another one of the few movies that has a main character named Stephanie.) Sad, but true.

This week has been long, but things have been good. More people like Escape to Chimp Eden, How I Met Your Mother is looking less and less bubble (10.6 million!), and we’ll know the state of Friday Night Lights sometime next week. (Come on, Ben Silverman, after the Family Feud thing I’m not sure how much lower you can go..) That’s all for now. I leave you, with the story of a man raped by a wombat. Or so he claimed.


3 Responses to “More news, more news”

  1. Reetta Says:

    Woe! I know of the remake (being apparently a masochist as well as a huge Spaced-fan, can’t seem to stop reading about it). But it makes me even sadder that Sara Rue is in it. I frakkin LIKE Sara Rue. And after this I can’t help associating her with this atrocity, even though I won’t watch.
    *Phew*. Sorry for all this “pouring it on a stranger” stuff.

  2. step Says:

    No worries, any Spaced fan is no stranger to me. :D Apparently they’ve cast Mike and Brian as well – they’ve turned Mike into a government conspiracy theorist. This does NOT bode well.

    All I can hope is that it crashes and burns quickly, before it can taint the original in all its glory.

  3. Erin Says:

    Oh no. Sara Rue is awesome and Spaced is awesome, but you put the two together and you get a great big McG explosiony mess. This is just wrong. They’re going to destroy two things I love with one blow.

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