March 27, 2008


I won’t lie, for a very long while I had given up on ever hearing new Blondfire (formerly known as Astaire) music again. But! Then, with the release of My Someday, their first full-length LP, it all changed.

I first was introduced to Blondfire (then Astaire) at a concert at the Paradise in May of 2004. This concert was also notable in that it was the first time I ever saw Stars (my favorite band, ever) in concert – as the second opener, even! Now they’re selling out Berklee. But that’s another post altogether. Back to Blondfire! The Driscolls, a brother-sister duo with Brazilian and some UK influences, they make airy pop that’s just right for spring.  And you know, all the other seasons too.  Here’s some proof.

Blondfire – Pretty Young Thing

The first single off of My Someday, Pretty Young Thing is classic Blondfire – and, apparently, has been bought by Nike for use on the Nike Women website.  Either way, it’s a good song, and for the first taste of I’ve had of Blondfire in years, a welcome addition to my iTunes.  All of My Someday is available to listen to (and purchase) on CDBaby, and will be up on the iTunes store fairly soon.  Give it a listen, buy it if you want, and enjoy the band that survived a name change after threats from Fred Astaire’s estate.  If that doesn’t inspire you to listen to them, what will?


One Response to “Blondfire”

  1. Jason in PDX Says:

    Came across your blog and noticed your post on Blondfire. Like you, I saw Astaire in May of 04 when they opened (along with Stars) for Ivy here in Portland, OR at the Doug Fir Lounge. I was lucky enough to meet Erica and she even signed my Don’t Whisper Lies EP!

    Anyway, My Someday is a terrific album and I’ve been trying to spread the word. Nice to see someone else out there giving them a mention.

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