Lego Star Wars

March 16, 2008

Lego Star Wars

Current Wii obsession: Lego Star Wars. I don’t know who came up with the brilliant idea to redo all six of the Star Wars movies with Lego men, but whoever they are, I’d like to shake their hand. Because, bravo.

The last time I played a game this often, it was Super Mario Galaxy, and now my services are available for hire in beating the Purple Comet for the Toy Time level. (My price: two beers.) Everyone who has played this game has loved it. It’s a good game for people of all skills, you get to control your Lego lightsaber with your wiimote, and um, it’s Star Wars. With LEGOS. When you die, you break into tiny Lego pieces. When you fly in ships, they are Lego ships. You build things out of Legos! How could you not love this game? It’s impossible. Even the first three episodes are so much fun to play, you forget that the storylines seem to be written by someone who’s never seen Episodes IV-VI. (Also, did you know that the original opening crawl to A New Hope didn’t have ‘Episode IV/A New Hope’ at the beginning? Because I did.)

I’m off to Shanghai Toyko, which deserves a post all its own. But that’s for later. For now, Chinese food!


5 Responses to “Lego Star Wars”

  1. Francesca Says:

    “Someone who’s never seen Episodes IV-VI”??? Does such a loser exist?


  2. step Says:

    I’m pretty sure watching us play parts of the Episode IV section of the game does not count as actually having seen the movies.

    Next time you visit: Star Wars marathon.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love general grievas

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i love luke skywalker and i am six years old

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i love r2 d2

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