Escape To Chimp Eden

March 14, 2008

For my inaugural post on this blog, which I really only created because I make up blog names while I’m bored at work, and because Ben made one and I needed to one-up Ben, I’ve decided to post about my new current favorite show, Escape To Chimp Eden.

 Escape To Chimp Eden

I was introduced to this show by Rose, who stayed home one snowy night instead of trekking out to Allston as Ben and I did.  Through the snow.  On the B line.  Instead, she watched Escape To Chimp Eden, as I drank beers at The White Horse Tavern.  I can arguably say that she had a better night.  Because this show is amazing. 

For those who don’t know what it’s about, Escape To Chimp Eden is set at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden, where chimps who have been rescued from awful situations are able to live a sanctuary close to their natural environment and heal from the experiences they had while they were in human captivity.  And the stories some of these chimps have are terrible.  Like Cozi, the chimp who was locked into a cage as a baby, left in a dark trailer, and wasn’t let out of the cage until nine years later, when the Chimp Eden people rescued him.

Heartbreaking, right?  But the best part of the show is that seeing these chimps, who are all sorts of damaged, get to heal, work through their issues from their years of abuse,  and realize what being a chimp is (some of them don’t even know how to climb trees, they’ve been locked up in cages for so long) alongside the human star of the show, Eugene Cussons.  (Who, I won’t lie, isn’t hard to look at.  But it’s only a bonus!  The show is worth watching just for the chimps.)   Watch this show, people.  I can guarantee your heart will be warmed.

Escape To Chimp Eden airs Fridays at 9 pm EST on Animal Planet.

 P.S.  Lost was all sorts of ridiculous last night, wasn’t it?  (I couldn’t let a post go by without mentioning it, sorry.)


2 Responses to “Escape To Chimp Eden”

  1. Rose Says:

    New Episode tonight!!!

    New Chimps!

  2. […] Jinga gets out of the compound, drama ensues – chimp style.  Are you watching this show yet?  You should be.  We also watched repeats of the show numerous times over the Thursday-Monday period, but […]

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